Illinois (2008). 80-minute color feature film
Director and Writer

Screening History
N.Y.U. Director’s Series, Tisch School of the Arts, followed by an interview with industry liaison Jeremiah Newton (April 2008)
Kansas International Film Festival (September 2008)
Beloit International Film Festival (February 2009)


Movie Poster (click on image to enlarge): Illinois - 13x19 poster


The Bryce Project (In production)

A documentary production which presents the history of the Bryce State Mental Hospital in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a pioneering institution in the treatment of mental illness in this country.

In Between (2002).
Video Artist

A video installation for a dance and multi-media piece comparing 911 with the Great Chicago Fire.

Presented at Harold Washington Library Theater and on Chicago Public Access Television, Channel 55
Program sponsored by Illinois Arts Council, The Chicago Council of Fine Arts, and Healy Elementary School

There are no Sharks on the Desert (1997). 15-minute black-and-white film.
Director and Writer

Premiered at 1997 New York Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.
Shown at the American Cinematheque in association with Out on Screen as a group of “Queer Shorts” in Los Angeles, Calif.
Film funded by a Build Illinois Filmmaker/Cable Access Grant distributed by the Community Film Workshop in the sum of $5000.

Hello Blonde Doctor (1996)
Co-Writer and Media Artist

A full-length spoken word, dance, and video installation that explores the theme of human sexuality among gay men.

Premiered at the Blue Rider Theater Festival, Chicago, Ill.

Billy (1995)

60-minute videotape of a severely disturbed boy during puppet play therapy sessions.
Housed at the RUSH Presbyterian Learning Resource Center.

Poetry of the Heart (1994)

A class of 5th grade students from Mark Sheridan Math and Science Academy explore the human heart through poetry and video.

Screened on IMAGE UNION, WTTW/Channel 11’s weekly series showcasing the work of independent producers, a member of the Public Broadcasting System (PBS).
Screened at the Kino-Eye Cinema of Chicago Filmmakers for the Poetry Video Festival, Yo! Vid Youth Produced Video

Global Jukebox (1992)
Assistant Editor

An ethnographic multimedia study of evolution of dance and music.
A production of The Association for Cultural Equity, Alan Lomax, Director, New York, N.Y.

Responsible for editing, cataloging, and reconstruction of film elements.

How I See the World: The Life and Genius of Albert Einstein(1991)
Apprentice Editor

American Masters/Videfilm Producers International, Ltd., New York, N.Y.

Extensive work in research, price negotiation, and acquisition of archival footage.
Dubbed, logged, and prepared footage for editors.





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