Publications and Awards




“James Dean Posters on the Wall,” Post Road Magazine, a publication of the Department of English at Boston College, (forthcoming)  Essay

“Film School Follies,” ImageOutWrite, a publication of the Rochester LGBT Film Festival, Volume 5 (forthcoming)  Essay

“On the Morning After the Crash”  Sport Literate, (forthcoming)  Essay

“Vanity Plates”  Grain, Volume 43.2, (Winter 2016)  Essay

“What Do You Wear to a Nudist Colony?”  Best Gay Stories 2016, an anthology edited by Steve Berman, Lethe Press (Upcoming 2016)  Essay

“Midnight Scribe of Andersonville”  The Iowa Review award for Nonfiction, Finalist (May 2015)  Essay

“What Do You Wear to a Nudist Colony?”  The Malahat Review, Issue 190, (Spring 2015)  Essay

“A Letter to my Sixteen-Year-Old Self”  Glitterwolf Magazine, (April, 2015)  Letter

“A Man without a Camera”  The Big Muddy: A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley, Issue 14.2, (2015)  Essay

“Shoebox Vigilantes”  The Dalhousie Review, Issue 94.3 (Autumn, 2014)  Essay

“The Twelve Strays of Christmas”  Glitterwolf Magazine, Issue 7, (Winter, 2015)  Essay

“Any Place I Hang my Helmet”  Creativity and Constraint, an anthology, Wising Up Press (Fall, 2014)  Essay

This book is available at: http://www.amazon.com/Creativity-Constraint-Heather-Tosteson/dp/0982693338/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1412727545&sr=8-8&keywords=creativity+and+constraint

“A Man without a Camera”  The Iowa Review Award for Nonfiction, Finalist.  (June 2014)  Essay

“Alfred Hitchcock’s Grammar”  Shenandoah, The Washington and Lee University Review. Volume 63, No. 3.  (September 2014)  Essay

Read the piece here: http://shenandoahliterary.org/641/2014/08/15/alfred-hitchcocks-grammar/

“Peter Pan Does Goldman Sachs”  Red Savina Review. The Online Literary Magazine in the Southwest ISSN 2169-3161. Volume 2, Issue 2. (September 2014)  Essay

Read this piece here: http://www.redsavinareview.org/8676-2/

“Robot Cormorant”  Glassworks, A Publication of Rowan University’s Master of Arts in Writing Graduate Program. Issue 8. (Spring, 2014)  Essay

Read this piece here: http://www.rowanglassworks.org  (Scroll down and you’ll see the piece on the homepage, or click on the Spring 2014: Print and Digital Edition and you can read the piece)

“And the Boys Played On”  The Outrider Review. Volume 1, Issue 2.  (April 2014)  Essay

“Tigers in Love”  Downtown Urban Theatre Festival, Finalist.  (December 2013) Original full-length play

“The Wailing of Gay Boys on Mountain Bikes”  Glitterwolf Magazine. Issue 4.  (August 2013)  Poem

“Trees in the Sun”  Glitterwolf Magazine. Issue 4.  (August 2013)  Poem


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